About Advancement

Prior Alfaisal University creation an oath was made by a number of knowledge and education supporters to pledge time, effort, and money in order for the dream to be a reality. 11 co-founders joined hands to establish the seed foundation of this non-profit educational institute with a contribution of SAR 110,000,000. In 2007 the dream came true.

Our Belief

Keeping relationships healthy is vital to future success of Alfaisal University. That said, we believe in being proactive and following an objective line of communication to build and maintain our relationships through keeping them informed - engaged - and involved in every step.

Our Role

Advancement department provides a central point to contact for coordinating and generating philanthropic support for the future development and success of the University. It offers the skills and experience necessary to manage and run the University's fundraising program in a professional and coordinated manner and is proactive in generating gifts for the University. Using core activities including: Donations & Legacies and Events & Stewardship.